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The Ancient Town Of Adwa

Adwa is a market town in northern Ethiopia, and best known as the community closest to the decisive Battle of Adowa fought in 1896. Located in the Mehakelegnaw Zone of the Tigray Region.

Adwa is home to several notable churches: Adwa Gebri'el Bete Kristiyan, Adwa Maryam Bete Kristiyan, Adwa Medhane `Alem Bete Kristiyan, and Adwa Sellasie Bete Kristiyan. Near Adwa is Abba Garima Monastery, founded in the sixth century and known for its tenth century gospels.

Its geographical importance also led to Adwa's greatest claim to fame, being the site of the final battle of the First Italo¨CEthiopian War, where Emperor Menelik II fought to defend Ethiopia's independence against Italy. Menelik led the Ethiopian Army to a decisive victory against the Italians, which ensured an independent Ethiopia until the Italians invaded again on the eve of the Second World War.

Adwa was one of the favored seats of Emperor Yohannes IV in the late 19th Century, although he later preferred Mekele which replaced Adwa as the regional seat of government in Tigray.

Adwa and it's evirons are the native district of many of the core leaders of the TPLF which lead Ethiopia today, and the district is represented in Parliament by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi himself.

Minster calls for assistance to Adwa landmark project


Addis Ababa, January 12, 2008 (Addis Ababa) - Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ambassador Mohamud Drir stressed the need to support efforts in establishing a permanent historical heritage of the Adwa, an area where Ethiopian heroes and heroines defeat the Italian aggression.

Speaking at a press conference regarding the activities of Adwa landmark project, the minister said on Friday establishing permanent heritage in the area is essential, though the victory of Adwa is well known worldwide.

Wide-ranging activities have been well in progress in order to make the Adwa victory a permanent historical heritage, he said, everybody should be duty bound to support the ‘Adwa Landmark Project’. The project, Mohamud said, aims at establishing a historical heritage commemorating heroes and heroines of the Adwa victory and promoting tourism. The establishment of the permanent heritage would also contribute its share toward strengthening the African Union.

Project manager, Solomon Girma also said the project includes installing a landmark (In English and Amharic alphabets) on one of the mountains of the Adwa area at a cost of some 20 million Birr. The landmark, which covers 1,050 sq. meter area of land, will be the first of its kind in Africa and the biggest landmark next to Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA, he said.

The manger said an agreement was signed with Tigray Culture and Tourism Commission to execute the project. President of the Ethiopian Patriots’ Associations, Leke-tiguhan Astateke Abate on his part said establishing permanent landmark on Adwa area will contribute a lot toward commemorating the Ethiopian martyrs during the Adwa war.

Foundation to build museum & cultural center

Axum, June 20, 2007 (WIC) - The Other Face of Ethiopia (TOFOE) has secured land to construct a cultural center and museum instrumental in promoting the historical, cultural and natural potentials of Adwa town. The foundation officially received 300,000 square meters of land yesterday from the town administration. It envisages constructing the center on Soloda Mountain, it was pointed out.

Foundation Head Sabella Belaynesh Abay said she decided to build the center so as to demonstrate to the world that the country which is largely known for its poverty has immense resources by displaying the various cultural, historical and natural resources in the town. The center to be constructed at the Soloda Mountain where Ethiopians defeated fascist Italian forces some 111 years ago would comprise a museum, amphitheatre, modern library, sports and recreation centers, it was pointed out.

Mayor of Adwa town, Araya Merid, on his part said the vision of the foundation has positive contributions in the fight against poverty eradication, adding that the administration granted the land freely to enable the foundation realize its objectives.

The Battle Of Adwa

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